The University Council’s composition, functions, terms and conditions are determined by the Board of Trustees in accordance with the statutes. The Council is composed of a maximum of eleven (11) members.

Bishop Stuart University UNIVERSITY 5TH COUNCIL MEMBERS (2018-2022)

Prof. Kenneth Kagame

Prof. Kenneth Kagame

Chairperson Council
Prof. Charles Kazooba Tushabomwe

Prof. Charles Kazooba Tushabomwe

Representative from Public Universities (MUST)
Prof. Elly N. Sabiiti

Prof. Elly N. Sabiiti

Senior Lecturer (MUK)
Mr. Aggrey Kibenge

Mr. Aggrey Kibenge

Ministry of Education and Sports Representative
Hon. Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu

Hon. Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu

Government Representative
Hon. Dr. Medard Bitekyerezo

Hon. Dr. Medard Bitekyerezo

Medical Representative
Rev. Dennis Amwiine Kizinduka

Rev. Dennis Amwiine Kizinduka

Diocesan Education Coordinator
Ms. Kellen Ayebazibwe

Ms. Kellen Ayebazibwe

Synod Representative
Mr. Elias Nuwagaba Kariisi

Mr. Elias Nuwagaba Kariisi

Staff Representative
H.E. Denmark Adios

H.E. Denmark Adios

Current Guild President

The University Council is the supreme organ of the University and has a mandate to:-
  1. Be responsible for the direction of the administrative, financial, planning and academic affairs of the University.
  2. Formulate the general policy of the University.
  3. Give the general guidelines to the administrative, academic and support staff on matters relating to the operation of the University
  4. Do any other things and take all necessary decisions conducive to the fulfillment of the objects and functions of the University.
  5. To raise resources for the University

Not withstanding the generality of the above duties, Council has power:

  1. To represent the University in any legal suits by and against the University
  2. To raise and receive on behalf of the University, funds, gifts, donations, grants, monies and other properties and make disbursement thereof.
  3. To approve the University budget and final accounts
  4. To provide for the welfare and discipline of the staff of the University, determine staff ranks and positions and the terms and conditions of service
  5. To set the rates of various University fees and charges
  6. To create University scholarships and other awards and to determine the conditions and modalities to govern them
  7. To appoint University staff upon such terms and conditions of service as provided for in the statutes
  8. To approve, in consultation with the Senate, regulations governing the conduct and discipline of the academic staff and students of the University
  9. To approve and enter into any association with other Colleges or any Institutions of higher learning and research or other bodies either within or outside Uganda
  10. To establish, in consultation with Senate and with the approval of National Council for Higher education, such constituent colleges, affiliated institutions, institutes, and new Study Programmes as deemed desirable.
  11. To constitute the final decision making body in cases of staff and students’ discipline, as stipulated in the statutes
  12. To make statutes in accordance with the Charter
  13. To propose the amendment and amend the Charter when / if it is deemed necessary
  14. To make annual reports to the Board of Trustees.
  15. To appoint University auditors and approve audit reports.

S/N Name Title
1 Rev. Richard Mujuni Principal Uganda Bible Institute
2 Prof. Amb. Canon Francis Butagira Diocesan Chancellor’s legal Advisor
3 Mrs. Tindyebwa Peace Tushabeomwe Secretary to Council
1 Mr. Aruho Abdon Rutega Academic Registrar
2 Mrs. Jane Bibangambah University Finance Officer
3 Mrs. Assiimwe Annah Tibazindwa Minute Recorder
4 Mrs. Rose Mpwerirwe Rwankore Senior Public Relations Officer

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